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Body Building

This Training program is designed to increase strength and muscle mass through weightlifting to attain your goal physique.

Toning & Shaping

This Training program is designed to sculpt your body and build lean muscle to attain your desirable shape and definition.

Pre- natal training

The Prenatal Training program designed to strengthen and condition your body during pregnancy and control weight gain. It’s a mix of low-impact functional training and cardiovascular training.

Boxing training

It’s a sport that enhanced cardiovascular health, improved total-body strength, improved coordination, decreased stress, and improves body composition. Learn basic boxing stand and movement to advanced boxing stand.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Training programs are designed to burn extra calories specifically body fats and maintain your weight in the normal range. This training includes weight training and cardio training.

Kids Fitness Training

Kids Training program is designed for kids to enjoy while moving their body that helps their bones and joints become stronger. It’s mixed training of flexibility, balance, strength, and aerobic fitness.

Post-natal training

The postnatal Training program is designed to bring back the strength and burn post-pregnancy weight gained fats. It’s a mix of low-impact functional training and cardiovascular training that progresses over time.

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